In search of lasting motivation

In search of lasting motivation - Dirk Wilhelm - One Life Baby, One Life!

Have you ever wanted to achieve something really bad and then just a couple of weeks or months later you’ve lost interest? Do you feel like you have trouble to stick to your goals? Do you wish you could just find the secret ingredient to lasting motivation? I think I found something that can help you with that!

In search of lasting motivation

Throughout my whole life I started over and over again with things that I „really wanted to do“. There have been so many ideas, dreams and desires that just disappeared after a while because I’ve lost my motivation. Even things that made me feel great about myself, like physical exercise didn’t last very long. It just seemed like I didn’t know how to bring things to an end.

Lifeline of my motivation

This chart shows you the typical lifeline of my motivation when I am on the pursuit of ‚another dream‘.

Life Line Of My Motivation - Dirk Wilhelm - One Life Baby, One Life!

Phase #1 – „Fired Up“
At the beginning I am all fired up. I can’t wait to get started. I make plans on how I will reach my goal and tell everyone about it.

Phase #2 – „Hard Work“
The hard work begins and I put in 100%. I enjoy it a lot! I wonder „Why did I not start earlier?“

Phase #3 – „Post Excitement“
The excitement slowly but surely vanishes. I have to force myself to get back to work on my goals. I tell myself that „this is normal“ and I just have to push through it. Still, there is a growing concern that the motivation could be gone by tomorrow.

Phase #4 – „Procrastination“
I start to do whatever I can to avoid working on my dream. I ‚have to‘ watch motivational videos to push myself. ‚Tomorrow‘ starts to become my favorite work day. Procrastination is my best friend. Some other dream becomes more and more interesting.

Phase #5 – „Game Over“
Some external reason ‚forces me‘ to focus on more important things to do. I decide to ‚pause‘ things for a while and tell myself that I can always start over again.

Phase #6 – „Retry“
Sometimes I give it another shot. Usually that’s quite some time after the previous attempt. Of course all progress is gone by now. So I start over at ‚Phase 1’…

What’s the reason for my loss of motivation?

As you might have guessed I have quite a lot experience when it comes to loosing motivation. It happened so often that I started to believe that I am the problem. Thoughts like „Maybe I am someone who just can’t get things done.“ or „Maybe I will keep quitting for the rest of my life.“ came up every time I found myself in another ’no-more-motivation-situation‘.

I just did not understand what the reason for my behavior was. And I hated it!

Until recently, there has only been this one time in my life, where I did not quit, where I gave my best over a really long part of my life and that was when I fell in love with the game of basketball. I was so into the idea of making it into the NBA and become the best basketball player I could ever be, that I was willing to do everything for this cause. I came into the gym 2 hours earlier than everyone else. I had keys to the gym so I even went there at night to do an extra session of shooting. I never missed a training session for over 1 1/2 years and the cool thing is that it wasn’t even hard. I did not need to push myself to do all this stuff.

Little by little I had to realize that I wasn’t talented enough for a professional career. Today I am fine with that as I can say with abolute conviction that I got the most out of myself at this area of my life!

So what made me behave like that…?

It took me quite long but now I know why I (and probably so many other people) have so much trouble to stay motivated.

It’s because of our ‚Why‘!

I came to realize that my motivation is all about my ‚Why‘. It’s because of my motives! That’s probably why it’s called MOTIVation, haha.

Our ‚Why‘ is the driving force behind every action. If it isn’t strong enough we won’t stick to our goals! It’s that simple.

Looking back at what I wanted to accomplish in my life so far I have to admit that most of the things that I thought I really want, have been build on such a weak ‚Why‘.

Since last year I am fortunate enough to experience the same unlimited drive I had when I was dreaming about becoming an NBA player. Now I spend a lot of time working towards my dream of creating my own freedom-business. The reason why I work on this dream is because I want to create a life where I am able to surround myself with all the things that make me feel happy, free and alive on a daily basis!

It’s not always easy, but this time the ‚Why‘ is strong enough to push me through the tough parts.

It gives me endless energy. And I believe that this time my motivation won’t stop.

„He who has a why to live can bear almost any how.“ – Friedrich Nietzsche

So what about you? Do you have trouble to motivate yourself. Start asking yourself what your ‚Why‘ is! Find the right motive that is pushing your action! Once you have a ‚Why‘, no matter how unlikely, the ‘How’ becomes a lot easier and more enjoyable.

One Life Baby, One Life!
Cheers, Dirk

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